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The best conference interpreters

Professional liaison, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services

Do you need an interpreter?

Congresses, corporate events, talks, conferences, meetings, negotiations, guided tours, etc. We offer translation services into all languages with professional interpreters for your event.

Professional and experienced interpreters

We work with the best conference interpreters: they are very professional, highly qualified interpreters with plenty of proven experience. They have all been interpreting for years, and are able to adapt to our customers’ needs at all moments, and to translate fluently so that the interpretation is a success.

We choose the perfect interpreter or interpreters for every occasion

We choose our interpreters according to the topic of the event, so that only those who are specialised and familiar with the specific terminology will be there (however, they always prepare the subject in advance). Interpreters specialised in medicine, pharmacy, biology, IT, business, financial information, advertising, etc.

Technical equipment

We also offer you the possibility to hire the necessary audiovisual equipment (booths, receivers, microphones, screens, etc.) if your event requires so. We provide you with technical staff that will install the equipment and make sure that everything works correctly during the event.


The interpreter acts as an “intermediary” between two people or groups, translating.
This type of interpreting is perfect for very small groups (meetings, business visits, tours, negotiations, fairs, etc.).


Simultaneous interpreting is the most suitable form of interpreting for large events and conferences with participants from different countries. The interpreter, from inside a soundproof booth, listens to the speakers’ speech and translates in real time to another language for the participants, who are provided with receivers. If there are various languages, multiple booths are installed. We can offer the necessary technical equipment (booths, microphones, receivers, etc.).


In consecutive interpreting, while the orator is speaking, the interpreter takes notes of the speaker’s speech and then translates it. This kind of interpreting is useful for small groups, or short meetings, speeches, short conferences, press conferences, etc.


It is carried out over the phone, via a 3 way call.

Trio Traducciones is a translation agency located in Madrid. We offer professional translation and proofreading services of all kinds of texts and into all languages, as well as sworn translation or interpreting (conference interpreters) services, among others.

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