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Official translations
to French

Sworn translations in French

Sworn translations in French are necessary for the presentation to the competent bodies that so require (with French as the official language) official documentation, International Treaties and Agreements, as well as other texts written in Spanish.

In the same way, sworn translations from French are necessary for the publication in Spanish of official documentation, International Treaties and Agreements, as well as other texts written in French, for example:

  • Death certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Certificate of registration
  • Marriage certificate
  • Grades card
  • Criminal certificate
  • Work or internship certificate
  • Birth certificate or certificate
  • Rental contracts
  • Court documents
  • Notarial documents
  • Bills
  • Faith of life
  • First Certificate and other academic certifications
  • Spanish taxes
  • Medical reports
  • Family Book
  • Payroll
  • Academic titles
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Frequent questions

What is a French sworn translator?

A sworn translator is a translator recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who can carry out the translation of official documents in this case from French.

What kind of documents usually need a sworn translation into French?

In addition to those mentioned above, the official translation of university degrees is usually necessary if you are going to work in a country whose official language is French.

Official documents such as company deeds, statutes, any notarial deed or annual accounts to be able to present them to the competent bodies where they are required in French.

How to know if a translator is sworn?

All sworn translators meet the necessary requirements to obtain the title of Sworn Translator-Interpreter as well as a stamp and corresponding certification that can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which also maintains an updated list of sworn translators in active annually.

At Trio Traducciones we have a professional team of French translators and proofreaders,
responsible for carrying out the sworn translation of all types of documents requested by our

How are sworn translations delivered?

All sworn translations must be delivered with the signature and stamp of the French sworn translator on all pages of the document, together with a copy of the original stamped and dated document. Additionally, on the last page of the translation, a mention is added that certifies its fidelity.
We deliver sworn translations on paper. It is important that you know that photocopies of this type of document do not have official value, therefore, it is necessary that you request the sworn copies of the original document from the beginning, which must be sealed in the same way.

To keep in mind:

In the Spanish regulations of the MAEC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation) only sworn translations from French into Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque and vice versa are allowed.
When our French sworn translator has the translation ready (from Spanish to French), it is important that you check if you must legalize the documentation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm before the foreign body to which you will present the documents that the translation is has made a sworn translator registered in said Ministry.

What does a sworn translator in French do?

A French sworn translator has the ability to carry out official translations from French into Spanish and from Spanish into French of all kinds of official documentation necessary for its publication in Spanish or French as required for presentation in official bodies.

The sworn translation of company deeds of incorporation into French for their delivery or validation in the different foreign competent bodies.

The sworn translation of the statutes into French to carry out procedures in other countries.

The sworn translation of notarial deeds into French for the regularization or processing of documents in the foreign relations of companies and individuals.

Sworn translation into French of annual accounts for submission to competent foreign bodies.

What does a sworn translator charge?

The quote for a French sworn translator depends a lot on the document to be translated, in our case you can contact us by phone or through our form (link to the contact form) and tell us more about the document and the deadline so that we can offer you what your document translated into the languages you need as soon as possible.


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