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Sworn English Translator – Official English Translations

Sworn translations in English

Sworn translations in English are necessary for the translation of official documentation, International Treaties and Agreements, as well as other texts written in English whose publication into Spanish is mandatory or vice versa. For example, if you need to translate your University Degree to work in another country, to submit it to an international competition or to apply for certain scholarships, it is necessary for a professional authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out the translation, thereby attesting to the veracity of the document. translated document and the reliability of the translation. In the same way, it will be necessary to translate documents such as company deeds, statutes, any notarial deed or annual accounts to be able to present them to the competent bodies where they are required in English.

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Sworn translations in English

A sworn translator is a translator recognized by an official body. In the case of Spain by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that can carry out the translation of official documents. This translation is also known as a public translation, official translation or certified translation depending on the country.

In the case of carrying out sworn translations in English, the English sworn translator must be trained in the English language.

How to know if a translator is sworn?

All sworn translators meet the necessary requirements to obtain the title of Sworn Translator-Interpreter as well as a stamp and corresponding certification that can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which also maintains an updated list of sworn translators in active annually.

What does a sworn English translator do?

The basic skills are the translation of international Treaties and Agreements to which Spain is a party, as well as other texts written in foreign languages whose publication in Spanish is mandatory.

The sworn translation into English of diplomatic or consular documents as well as official documents that affect their foreign relations.

The participation of the English sworn translator, as a linguistic expert, in translation and interpretation in the context of international conferences and the negotiation of Treaties, both in Spain and abroad.

The sworn translation of company deeds of incorporation into English for their delivery or validation in the different competent foreign bodies.

The sworn translation of the statutes into English to carry out procedures in other countries.

The sworn translation of notarial deeds into English for the regularization or processing of documents in the foreign relations of companies and individuals.

The sworn translation into English of annual accounts for presentation to the competent foreign bodies.

In addition, the need for a sworn translation into English of the following documents is common:

  • Death certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Certificate of registration
  • Marriage certificate
  • Grades card
  • Criminal certificate
  • Work or internship certificate
  • Birth certificate or certificate
  • Rental contracts
  • Court documents
  • Notarial documents
  • Bills
  • Faith of life
  • First Certificate and other academic
  • Certifications
    Spanish taxes
    Medical reports
    Family Book
    academic titles
What does a sworn translator charge?

It depends a lot on the document to be translated, in our case you can contact us by phone or through our form (link to the contact form) and tell us more about the document and the deadline so that we can offer you your translated document as soon as possible. languages you need.

How to request a sworn translation in English?

If you already know that you need the service of a sworn English translator for the translation of official documents requested by public bodies, it is important that you contact us by email attaching the documents you need sworn translation.
At Trio Traducciones we receive the request, we review the type of document and the number of words to be translated, and we contact you to let you know the time the translation will take and the price.
This first assessment is carried out without any commitment. If you agree with the budget and delivery times, we proceed to place the project in the hands of the sworn English translator selected for that type of translation.
All our professionals are certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Cooperation, allowing us to deliver official translations in English with certification and seals

At our agency we are certified to translate and swear translations!
Finally, keep in mind that before sending us public documents to be translated, it is recommended that they carry the Apostille of The Hague (procedure for legalization and validation of the signature of any public document) so that they have the corresponding effect in the other country. We deliver the sworn translation of the document and also of the Apostille.


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