We translate every type of text from and to every language.
We provide the most suitable translator for each language combination and each type of text.
All our translators only translate texts of their field of expertise into their mother tongue.
Proofreading service included in all projects.

General translations.

We translate your emails, letters, presentations, corporate texts and all kinds of communications. Native translators of the target language always carry out these translations to ensure fluency and style. We have regular clients who order these translations on a daily basis in order to maintain an ongoing relationship with their foreign clients.

Legal translations.

We are sworn translators-interpreters. Thus, we are familiar with legal language and have knowledge about the Law. We use excellent legal glossaries and create specific terminology databases for every client.
Examples of legal translations: agreements, purchase agreements, patent applications, powers of attorney and notarial deeds, wills, bank settlements, appeals and summons.

Financial translations.

We have translators specialised in financial translations who have years of experience translating for companies in the financial sector (consultants, investment funds, banks, etc.). They have a perfect command of the specific terminology for each financial area. Many of them are graduates in Business Administration and Management but work as translators.

Examples of financial translations: management reports, financial statements, audits, balances, etc.

Technical translations.

Our project managers assign the technical translations to translators who are specialised in the relevant field. Only a few translators are capable of accurately translating complex engineering documents, and we have them to hand. These translators almost always translate technical documents, they have the necessary theoretical knowledge, they master the specific terminology, and they use the necessary technical glossaries and suitable terminology databases, references and sources of information for this field, for any possible queries.

Literary translations.

The world of literary translations is exciting for those translators who love literature. We work with the best literary translators. Each publication is unique and much of its success will depend on its translation.

Translations for advertising.

Translations for advertising are not only translations, they entail creativity. Besides reflecting the intention and tone into the target language, you often need to come up with a pun, a slogan, an appealing sentence, etc. This is what creative translators do when working in advertising. They love this field and make use of all their inventiveness and effort. We work for advertising agencies, marketing departments, etc.

Large projects.

We can carry out large translations within short deadlines, by dividing them between multiple translators coordinated by a project manager and performing a final proofreading to correct any possible mistakes, maintain consistent terminology and obtain a coherent and high-quality translation. Project managers make sure that everything is organised perfectly so that translators and proofreaders are able to work efficiently to achieve the best results. Our clients can always check the status of the project.

Website translations.

It’s not just about simply translating; the texts should be adapted to the culture of the new market and appeal to it. We recommend the following 2 options to our clients:
Word Option: We receive the original documents in a Word format and deliver the translations in the same format.
Edit Option: We directly translate the content on the website’s editing tool.



The price includes the translation carried out by a native translator specialised in the corresponding type of text, proofreading by a second translator and its delivery in the same format as the original.


We assign the translations to translators who are native speakers of the target language and from the respective country, who translate into their mother tongue. Being bilingual is not enough, translators must have perfect knowledge of the culture, expressions, colloquial language, etc.


Our project managers select the most appropriate translators for each translation based on the language and type of text. Most translators are specialised in a particular field, having received specific training and have acquired experience over the years.


All of our translations are always proofread by a translator different to the one who carried out the translation. This process is essential for correcting any possible mistakes, omissions or misinterpretations, and guarantees the highest quality of work.


We maintain the format of the original file. We kindly ask the client to provide us with the original file in an editable format. However, if this is not possible, we can take care of the layout ourselves using the appropriate programmes.


– Once you have contacted Trio traducciones, a project manager will immediately attend to your request. The project manager will always send a free quote as quickly as possible, for the required service, adapting themselves to suit your needs and on hand for any further enquiries.

– If the client is happy with the quote and accepts it, the project manager will confirm that the project has been given the go-ahead as well as its delivery date. They will immediately assign the translation to the most appropriate translator from our team, and select a proofreader.

– Once the translation has been completed and proofread, the project manager will send it to the client together with the corresponding invoice, pending confirmation of receipt and any possible comments.
Throughout the whole process, we strictly comply with our duty of confidentiality.

Throughout the whole process, we strictly comply with our duty of confidentiality.