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Official translations

Sworn translation to all languages

We carry out official sworn translations to all languages, which bear the certification, signature and stamp of a sworn translator-interpreter of the corresponding language, so that they may be valid before the relevant authorities. Sworn translators-interpreters declare that the translations are true to the original documents.


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Frequent questions

What is a sworn translator-interpreter?
Sworn translators-interpreters are official translators appointed by the Spanish Department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. After passing the official examination, the Department appoints them as sworn translators-interpreters and registers their signatures and stamps.
What are sworn translations for?
Sworn translations are usually a requirement you must comply with to submit an official Spanish document before foreign authorities, or to legalise documents from other countries.
How are sworn translations delivered
Sworn translations will be delivered as a hardcopy, stamped and signed, by recorded delivery or courier or they can be collected at our office. We will also send you the file in PDF by email.
How to authenticate a sworn translation?

The entity requesting the sworn translation may require it to be authenticated too. There are two basic procedures to authenticate sworn translations. The first, and the most common one, consists in submitting the sworn translation (together with the original document, already authenticated at the relevant department) before the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, in Madrid, where they will authenticate the signature of the sworn translator on each of the translations. To do so, you will have to request an appointment at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( Sometimes, you may have to complement such procedure with the authentication of said diligence at the Consulate of the country where you have to submit the document. The second procedure is through a Notary Public. It consists in authenticating the sworn translator’s signature at a Notary Public’s office and to then authenticate the Notary Public’s signature at the relevant Official Association of Notaries Publics, where they will add the Apostille of the Hague, if the translation is to be submitted before a signatory country of the Hague Convention, or another diligence if the document is to be submitted before a non-signatory country of said Convention. If you cannot personally carry out this procedure, there are companies and processing agencies specialised in authenticating documents that can do this on your behalf by means of a notarial authorisation.

Trio Traducciones is a translation agency located in Madrid. We offer professional translation and proofreading services of all kinds of texts and into all languages, as well as sworn translation or interpreting (conference interpreters) services, among others.

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